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GLocal: Think Global, Act Local

GLocal is a project focused on raising awareness about climate change and identifying simple and practical solutions that teachers and students can implement in their daily lives. Its aim is to encourage others across the Erasmus+ community to use these solutions. 

The project's ultimate objective is to put together our collective efforts, experiences, and knowledge to find the most effective ways to combat global warming and reduce the damage we cause to our planet. As an educational initiative, GLocal believes that schools are true centers of spreading ideas and practices and thus making a difference for the good of our planet.


Project Description

By the end of the project, the goal is to have gathered 10 simple, valuable, and practical solutions to help the environment in a digital booklet, as well as a digital educational platform where people can easily access all the information.

Participants of all ages are expected to become more aware of the direct influence of daily human actions on the environmental situation and how to adapt them to sustainable living.

With this project, we count on the local community of each partner institution to help their members become aware of the present environmental situation and to change their lifestyle towards sustainable living.

We hope that the GLocal project will also create new opportunities for future partnerships among European countries.

Learning Objectives

  1. Compare global population issues and discuss the impact of population on people's lives.

  2. Synthesize possible solutions to overpopulation.

  3. Understand the effects of deforestation on the environment.

  4. Discuss human impact on biodiversity.

  5. Acknowledge and enhance awareness of the current environmental crisis.

  6. Understand the application of restorative justice in the environmental context and prevent environmental harm using restorative values and practices.

  7. Integrate environmental restorative justice in education.

  8. Understand the importance of recycling and methods of recycling.

  9. Raise awareness about the threat of pollution and the amount of waste humans produce for the future of the planet.

  10. Gain knowledge on sustainability, its concepts, key actors, tools, and methods to empower youth to call for action.

Our Partners

Eruditus School (Switzerland)

Eruditus School is a dynamic and experienced institution that specializes in providing quality teacher training and language courses to international learners. The institution was founded by a team with extensive expertise in teacher training and language teaching. Eruditus School offers tailor-made German courses for all needs and target groups, and its Erasmus+ training courses are designed for teachers, adult educators, or private/public organizations' staff according to the EU objectives within the learning mobility action of the Erasmus+ program - KA1. The courses are run by highly qualified and supportive trainers who are dedicated professionals committed to creating a positive learning environment. Additionally, Eruditus School has been involved in Erasmus+ projects since 2015, serving as a project coordinator (host organization) and as a project partner.

Carmen Sylva Art College (Romania)

Carmen Sylva Art College, the only public vocational art high school in Prahova County, Romania, offers primary, gymnasium, and high school education to 825 students aged 6-18. The curriculum includes general and vocational disciplines, with the latter including visual arts, instrumental and vocal music, and architecture. Students can choose between music and visual arts classes from 5th to 8th grade, and from 9th grade, they can also opt for architecture classes. The school has an excellent reputation based on student performance in competitions and national exams, as well as graduates' success in their careers. About 50 secondary level students and 16 teachers from Carmen Sylva Art College will participate in GLOCAL activities over the course of two years.

Lycée Beauséjour Narbonne (France)

Lycée Beauséjour is a comprehensive high school in Narbonne, Aude with 713 students. It offers general, technological, and professional training and higher education in both initial and work-study programs. The school provides specialized courses towards the general baccalaureate, with a range of specialties and options offered. Students are encouraged to obtain language level diplomas, such as the "Cambridge" for English.  Lycée Beauséjour is labeled "Lycée des professions de la santé et du social" for its quality of technological and professional training. Students participate in numerous projects, outings, trips, and competitions under the guidance of dynamic pedagogical teams dedicated to providing meaningful learning experiences.

RJ4All (United Kingdom)

Restorative Justice for All (RJ4All) aims to promote community cohesion and human rights worldwide. They strive for power redistribution through the provision of social justice projects, educational programs, and volunteering opportunities to marginalized groups. RJ4All utilizes education, sports, and arts alongside restorative justice practices such as mediation, dialogue, and workshops to uphold values of power sharing, equality, and respect. As the largest restorative justice network in Europe, RJ4All boasts members from over 40 countries and has worked on projects for international organizations, EU, and UK founders. Their contributions include independent evaluations, awareness campaigns, training programs, research consultancies, and expert advice to governments. RJ4All also operates a social sciences publishing branch, RJ4All Publications, that features cutting-edge research.

Inercia Digital (Spain)

Inercia Digital is an innovative Andalusian organization, founded in 2010, dedicated to providing digital skills training and fostering innovation on a global scale. As an accredited VET center recognized by the regional government, it emphasizes promoting digital and entrepreneurial skills through its Virtual Campus, sanctioned as a Virtual Training Center for Employment by the Regional Government of Andalusia. Boasting extensive involvement in innovative European educational projects, Inercia is a member of the European Commission's "Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition." Inercia Digital is strongly committed to advancing digital skills training and innovation for all European citizens, including educational institutions and the labor market.

Incirlova Youth Art & Culture (Turkey)

Incirliova Youth Culture, Art And Development Association is an NGO that champions empowerment, collaboration, diversity, sustainability, and inclusion by supporting and providing solidarity among youth. The organization fosters entrepreneurship and equips young people with the knowledge and skills to work in disadvantaged areas. Its objectives include creating activities for social responsibility projects, supporting innovative initiatives to reduce disparities in learning outcomes, and promoting language learning and cultural dialogue. The NGO prepares for and engages in national and international social projects for young people, improves the quality of education, and supports information about entrepreneurship.


Change the Attitude – Change the Climate Through Restorative Justice

The GLocal Project has developed an e-course aimed at teachers, educators, youth leaders, organizations, and people of all ages to increase awareness about climate change and

restorative justice.

Funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+, the e-course focuses on effective environmental protection and sustainable living, with a particular emphasis on educational settings as a means of propagating ideas and practices. People can use the course to enhance their environmental education skills, develop key competences, and address basic skills related to climate change.


The e-course is structured around 5 modules.

The main topics are:


  • Overpopulation

  • Recycling

  • Restorative justice and the Environment

  • Pollution

  • Call for Action

Each Module is composed of 4-5 Units as well as a test that leads to CPD and YouthPass Certification. The e-course can be paused and completed at the trainees’ own time.

GLocal project meetings with participant countries

November 2o21

During the first TPM (Transnational Project Meeting) in Narbonne, France, the GLocal teams had the opportunity to come together for the first time. The meeting was an exciting opportunity for each participating country to present their research results and share their insights on the project.

As the teams shared their findings, they were able to identify common themes and differences, which provided a better understanding of the project's scope and objectives.

In addition to sharing research results, the meeting also allowed for in-depth discussions on the project's next steps. The teams were able to exchange ideas and feedback on the project's current status, as well as brainstorm new strategies for the upcoming phases. This collaborative work was a very important step for moving the project forward and ensuring its success.

The GLocal first TPM in Narbonne proved to be an excellent opportunity for fostering collaboration and communication among the GLocal teams. The event fit perfectly into the project's mission of bringing together local and global knowledge to find out practical solutions against the climate change. 

Screenshot 2023-01-15 at 10.24.15 PM.png
April 2022

The first LTT of the project was organized by Beausejour high school. The meeting was held in Narbonne on 19-21st April 2022. Representatives of four project partners attended the meeting: Eruditus school, RJ4ALL, Incirliova, Genclik Kultur Sanat, and the host partner Association Scolaire Beausejour. Partners Inercia Digital and Carmen Sylva Art College attended the LTT online.

The host students had prepared a multitude of workshops addressing climate change and sustainable living principles. Guest partners participated along with the host students and teachers in the activities during the GLocal forum “Calling for Action.”

An exciting activity was the debate which took place after all the project partners had watched the movie. “Bigger than Us” is a very inspirational movie that introduces young people all over the world who deal with big problems of our time: climate disruption, human rights abuses, lack of access to education, etc.

The program continued with the Climate Fresk (an effective tool for education), which was set up to engage the Glocal Erasmus partners in an activity that had as its main aim to raise climate science awareness.

Our team has prepared a Kahoot quiz on pollution (our topic within the GLocal project) and played with all the participants of the LTT. The quiz can be freely accessed and played here.

October 2o22

The participants of the GLocal project met again between October 4-6, 2022, in Ploiesti, Romania. The meeting was attended by representatives from all six project partners, including the host partner, Carmen Sylva Art College. 


Each partner prepared materials and activities addressing climate change and sustainable living, which were grouped into six modules: Overpopulation, Recycling, RJ & Environmental Justice, Calling for Action, Pollution, and Energy.

Throughout the meeting, participants engaged in various activities and workshops, including quizzes that tested their understanding of the topics covered in the modules. One of the exciting activities was the workshop on using recyclable materials and turning them into artistic pieces

A local NGO also made a presentation on pollution and recycling, which encouraged thinking globally and acting locally. The students actively participated in debates on the theme and learned about the problems and solutions relating to the current state of environmental issues within the county and city.

The meeting was highly productive, and the participants gained valuable insights into the relationship between man and nature, ways to recycle materials within the workshops, and the importance of activism and restorative justice in addressing climate change.

April 2023

The GLocal project held its final meeting from April 17th to 21st in Kusadasi, Turkey, where representatives from four different partner organizations—Eruditus School (Switzerland), Carmen Sylva Art College (Romania), Association Scolaire Beausejour (France), and the host partner, Incirliova, Genclik Kultur Sanat (Turkey)—were present. 

The meeting was packed with various interactive activities and workshops that provided attendees with many opportunities to learn from sustainability professionals and a local NGO called Ekodosd. One of the key themes of the meeting was fast-fashion pollution, which prompted the students to conduct thorough research on the topic.

An inspiring activity was the creation of posters and other materials, which were then used to engage with the local community and visitors in Kusadasi's center. The initiative aimed to raise awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability practices and received positive responses from all those involved.

The project meeting was highly productive and eye-opening. It provided attendees with valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied in their respective organizations to promote sustainable practices further.

GLocal Products

Products made by the team involved in the project can be found below. Click on an icon to see the document.

Pollution Overview Module

dreamstime_l_212141961-transformed (1)_edited.jpg

GLocal Methodology


Dissemination of the GLocal project 

October 2023,

Konstanz, Germany


press release



Reflections on Project findings

*This project has received grant support from Movetia, funded by the Swiss Confederation.

**The content reflects the authors’ view and Movetia is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.

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