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Digital Resources for Teachers
(WEB 2.0 Tools – Safe Internet)

OID: E10185249 

As a result of attending this Erasmus+ training course, the participants will learn how to become tech-savvy educators who promote a positive environment where students find learning enjoyable. This course is an introduction to digital tools (apps, digital platforms, online games) and how they can be effectively integrated into the existing learning process to keep students engaged.

Course Objectives

Description of the training event

This course has been designed for teachers of different subjects who wish to find out online resources for their teaching. The course will promote the use of digital tools which can supplement the teaching materials and which can help educators to motivate and engage their students. These digital tools (apps, digital platforms, online games) can be integrated into the established learning process with the aim of empowering students with the mindset and skills needed for their present and future success.


But using WEB 2.0 tools in education is not always an easy task. How do we know which online tool is the best solution for our classroom needs? Why would we invest time and energy in something that might end up in adding even more work?

We will try to solve this by first introducing a list of the best tools designed to support teaching and learning and then work with those which are most popular and useful. Participants are also expected to share their own experience so that the benefits of the course could multiply.


Another goal of the course is to equip participants with knowledge on how they can guide and help students to be digitally safe and to become confident explorers of the online world. To make the most of the digital tools at their disposal, our students need to know how to make smart and safe decisions. That is why teachers should be able to explain to them the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety so that they can easily and securely explore the digital world.

Target Audience

  • Teachers of different subjects

  • Teacher trainers

  • School librarians

  • Other education professionals


Prior to the beginning of the training, the granted participants will be sent detailed information regarding the program. Our team will assist the participants with the necessary information required to reach the destination and to successfully manage within the course period in the new country.

For the course period participants will need a laptop or a tablet. For more participants from the same school, one laptop for two people may be possible.

Competences required

  • Basic knowledge of main PC programmes and use of Internet

  • Knowledge of the language course: English

Course fees

paris 4.HEIC

EUR 80 per day per participant

It includes course materials, help with needed documents, Certificate of Attendance and coffee breaks.

* We provide 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 day sessions.

** Accommodation, meals, and social programmes are not included in this price. For accommodation, we recommend the most convenient possibilities, but the participants are free to choose.


The opportunities to visit the city and the neighbourhood will be introduced to the participants before the beginning of the course.

2023 upcoming sessions - CONFIRMED

20.02.2023 – 24.02.2023      Konstanz, Germany 

04.05.2023 – 08.05.2023      Oslo, Norway (fully booked)

03.07.2023 – 07.07.2023      Paris, France (fully booked)

22.07.2023 – 26.07.2023      Oslo, Norway (held)

07.08.2023 – 11.08.2023      Oslo, Norway (fully booked)

25.09.2023 – 29.09.2023      Rome, Italy

09.10.2023 – 13.10.2023      Konstanz, Germany 

30.10.2023 – 04.11.2023      Barcelona, Spain

27.11.2023 – 01.12.2023      Paris, France

04.12.2023 – 08.12.2023      Athens, Greece

2024 upcoming sessions - CONFIRMED

05.02.2024 – 09/11.02.2022      Konstanz, Germany

22.04.2024 – 26/28.04.2024      Paris, France

24.06.2024 – 28/30.06.2024      Frankfurt, Germany

01.07.2024 – 05/07.07.2024      Paris, France

15.07.2024 – 19/21.07.2024      Oslo, Norway

05.08.2024 – 09/11.08.2024      Oslo, Norway

23.09.2024 – 27/29.09.2024      Rome, Italy

07.10.2024 – 11/13.10.2024      Konstanz, Germany

04.11.2024 – 08/10.11.2024      Paris, France 

*Other periods can be booked upon request for more than 6 participants.

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