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Education for
Sustainable Future 

OID: E10185249  or  OID: E10046839

As a result of attending this Erasmus+ training course, the participants will have an in-depth awareness of climate change, as well as practical, easy-to-follow solutions which they can use to educate students and build their skills and mindsets towards a sustainable future, with a critical engagement and focus on reducing their ecological footprint.

Course Objectives

Description of the training event

Sustainable living has become a “must” for people of all ages; therefore, forming competencies in environmental-relevant areas should start at an early age, first in the family, then in school institutions, and continue throughout the entire life. To form such an attitude, society needs informed teachers who can educate young people about responsible living.

The course’s main objective is to create in-depth awareness about climate change and to share practical, easy-to-follow solutions. It is high time we educate our students for the future. We need to help them build skills and mindsets towards a sustainable future, with a critical engagement and focus on reducing their ecological footprint.


The course activities are meant to strengthen and expand sustainability in education and encourage our students to become sustainability literate. Participants in this course will be supported to integrate aspects of sustainable living in their lessons with a focus on sustainability and sustainable living, pollution, personal consumption, consumer manipulation, fast fashion, food waste, and eco-footprint.

Scientific research made it clear that humankind’s current economic development based on fossil resources and linear growth leads to higher emissions, accelerated biodiversity loss, and increased conflicts over resources. The transition to a sustainable future requires new types of knowledge and education. With this in mind, during this course, we think ahead and explore alternatives and develop ways of behavior toward the desired sustainable living. We believe that every student should be introduced to sustainability challenges. For that, they need first to understand the root causes of the environmental crisis and then embrace the critical skills and broad-mindedness needed to make informed decisions and responsible actions for a sustainable future.


For the sessions held in Konstanz, the course also includes a visit to a modern recycling plant that hosts the Climeworks – CO2 capture technology plant – described as “a historic step for negative emissions technology.” Read about Greta Thunberg’s visit to Climeworks in 2020. 

More information about carbon capture technology can be found here.


In Paris and Oslo, the field trips will be to similar sustainable establishments.

Target Audience

  • Teachers of any subject (Science, Arts, PSHE, PE, ICT)

  • Teacher trainers

  • Teachers of any subject

  • Private or public organisation staff

  • Anyone interested


Prior to the beginning of the training, the granted participants will be sent the detailed program of the course along with a pre-departure support consisting of the necessary information required to reach destination and to successfully manage within the course period in the new country.

Participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire regarding their backgrounds and needs. Questions will refer to their interest and experience in educational games, outdoor activities, WEB 2.0 tools, their teaching backgrounds, ability of using a computer, level of course language.

  • Basic knowledge of main PC programmes and use of Internet

  • Knowledge of the language course: English

Competences required

Erasmus course in Konstanz Germany.jpeg


Konstanz (or Constance), “the beautiful lakeside city,” is the largest city by Lake Constance and a vibrant hub in the region at the foot of the Alps, where three countries meet. This charming city’s history, medieval buildings, and tourist attractions are impressive. It is close to the stunning Flower Island of Mainau and the biggest waterfalls in Europe (the Rhine falls).


The city lies at the border with Switzerland. Its excellent location on the lake and the proximity to the Alps and neighboring Switzerland make Konstanz a course location that offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. The city can be reached quickly and easily by train directly from Zurich Airport. The trains runs every half an hour.

The cultural activities which take place after the course hours may include visiting the city, visiting the Rhein falls, and –depending on the season– a trip to the flower island, Mainau.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to this unique city and learning together about Sustainable Future!


The course is intended to be highly practical and provide a variety of activities designed to help attendees progress as fast as possible.

Participants will be divided into trans-national working groups. Therefore, by mixing with people from different countries, they will have to use English at all times which will help them develop their speaking skills in a fast rhythm.

Classes will be held interactively in a properly equipped environment, with informative sessions, workshops, and transnational work groups.

Participants are expected to play an active role within the training period, contributing to the improvement of their communicative skills.

Course fees

EUR 80 per day per participant. Organisation fee – 25 Euros per person.

* We provide 5, 6, 7 and 10 day sessions.

** Accommodation, meals, and social programme are not included in this price. For accommodation, we recommend the most convenient possibilities, but the participants are free to choose.


The opportunities to visit the city and the neighbourhood will be introduced to the participants before the beginning of the course.

Click here to see the sessions organized over the past years.

erasmus course.jpg

2023 upcoming sessions - CONFIRMED

27.03.2023 – 31.03.2023      Konstanz, Germany 

28.06.2023 – 02.07.2023      Paris, France (new)

27.07.2023 – 31.07.2023      Oslo, Norway (new)

28.08.2023 – 01.09.2023      Konstanz, Germany

23.10.2023 – 27.10.2023      Konstanz, Germany

2024 upcoming sessions - CONFIRMED

22.03.2024 – 26.03.2024     Konstanz, Germany 

26.06.2024 – 30.06.2024      Paris, France

20.07.2024 – 24.07.2024      Oslo, Norway

26.08.2024 – 30.08.2024   ●   Konstanz, Germany

21.10.2024 – 25.10.2024      Konstanz, Germany

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