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You can register for any of our courses  on the courses webpage. Please, check the sessions of each course first and choose one session per registration.


Eruditus School would like to introduce our Erasmus+ training courses specially designed for teachers, adult educators or private/public organisations’ staff according to the EU objectives within the learning mobility action of the Erasmus+ programme – KA1.

They are run by highly qualified and supportive trainers with years of experience who are dedicated professionals committed to creating a very positive learning environment.

OID: E10185249  

*If you apply for a KA1 grant now, remember to insert our address manually in the application form and add the country where the course takes place. (Please, do not use the automatically pre-filled function of the application form)

** For the course programmes please send us an email at

Young Teacher Lecturing

Erasmus+ KA1

"I think the course is amazing. Even though I already knew some of the tools, I could find out more about them and got the chance to learn some new tools which will definitely boost my classes. It was a memorable week in terms of getting knowledge, ideas, strategies and even fun. Everything was well organized. (Thank you Felicia and staff for your kindness and care.)"

Manuela, Portugal

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