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Youth exchange in Palermo

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Young non-disabled and disabled people, coming from different countries and cultures and different socio-economical contexts, will cooperate in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, implementing the following activities:​

  • group building activities

  • deepening on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and case studies on actual situations of their violation

  • open discussions for the identification of effective strategies for the diffusion of European values ​​in the daily life

  • workshop: the planning of the active participation in Palermo’s Pride

  • management of a meeting based on peer education with the University students on the project theme

  • deepening the role of Europe in the defense of human rights

  • streaming of a web radio program

  • workshop for the creation of products for the dissemination of results: website, final booklet, articles

Participant countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Italy, Romania, Spain, UK

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