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Erasmus KA1

Eruditus has implemented projects since 2015, both as a project coordinator (host organization) and as project partner. The complete list of Eruditus School projects can be seen below.

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

GLocal is aimed at creating in-depth awareness about the climate change by gathering 10 simple and practical solutions towards sustainable living. Members of the project will develop a platform for eLearning where all the activities and results of the GLocal will be uploaded and made available as OER. Read more

*Financed by the Swiss Program for Erasmus+

The main objectives of the project are:
– to consolidate the language knowledge of our staff
– to enhance the quality of education in school by using new teaching technologies and outdoor learning
– to support professional development of school staff

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Smiling Teacher
Senior Book Club

The main aim of the institutions involved in this project is to analyze the current situation of seniors in the partner countries to identify adults' interests, community resources, and support strategies to be included in a firsthand report. 

We intend to advance the process of active aging by allowing seniors to share their knowledge, skills, and experience with their peers, both at the local and European levels, for an increasing integration into active life. Read more

This project enables young disabled and non-disabled people, coming from different countries and cultures, and from different socio-economical contexts to cooperate in a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, focusing on group building activities, and on the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights. Read more

Couple Enjoying Outdoor

This project focuses on improving young people's management and business skills through the use of participative methodologies that stimulate learning by encouraging positive attitudes, inclusion and partnership. Participants will be engaged in activities such as workshops, role-plays, business games, case studies and visits to social enterprises and companies in Palermo, where disabled people work, seeing examples of social inclusion and inclusive growth. Read more

The overall objective of this project is to promote the development of sustainable youth sport network and exchange of best practices by using gender traditional sport as a catalyst for transmitting life skills to youth in order to reduce violence and other social ills. Read more

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