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Deutsch Intensivkurs

Language used for the training and materials: German

Support language: English

As a result of attending this Erasmus+ training course, the participants will learn how to become tech-savvy educators who promote a positive environment where students find learning enjoyable. This course is an introduction to digital tools (apps, digital platforms, online games) and how they be integrated into the established learning process to keep students engaged.

Course Objectives

Description of the training event

This course is mainly intended for participants with a minimum A2 – level of German. It follows a functional approach and provides participants with various real-life situations in which they can practice speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Classes will ensure high student-teacher interaction with a focus on active speaking. The lessons will be run dynamically and interactively. The cultural trips will complement the theoretical input by exercising speaking skills in group activities.

Each day focuses on easy-to-follow activities related to the most important vocabulary covering the main areas of life:

  • Socializing

  • Food and drinks

  • Free time and hobbies

  • Daily routine

  • Work and profession

Relevant grammatical structures will be systematically presented and practiced throughout the course, along with specific vocabulary.

  • Present and perfect tenses

  • Definite and possessive articles

  • Prepositions

  • Reflexive verbs

  • Adjective declination

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EUR 80 per day per participant. Organisation fee – EUR 25 per person.

* We provide 5, 6, 7 and 10 day sessions.

** Accommodation, meals, and social programmes are not included in this price. For accommodation, we recommend the most convenient possibilities, but the participants are free to choose.

We organize sessions upon request with minimum 5 participants in Konstanz, Germany.

Konstanz is a vibrant hub at the foot of the Alps, where three countries meet. Its excellent location on the lake and the proximity to the Alps and neighboring Switzerland make Konstanz a course location that offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. The city can be reached quickly and easily by train directly from Zurich Airport. The trains runs every half an hour.

The opportunities to visit the city and the neighbourhood will be introduced to the participants before the beginning of the course.

Location & fees

Click here to see the sessions organized over the past years.

Location, location, location!

We are located in the heart of Zürich, close to the Main Station Zürich HB. You will find us on the 2nd floor of Stampfenbachstrasse 32. Exact details of the classroom are displayed on the ground floor monitor by the lift.


To avoid any issues, make sure to schedule a visit by contacting us in advance.

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